The "ABS" LLC was founded in 1992. Field work was originally based on production and marketing of polypropylene bags and cords. Initially their production equipment, was one of the antique, which in 2001 was replaced with European quality equipment, STARLINGER, Austria. An important extension of this company took place in 2000 when he founded a subsidiary in Romania, namely "ABS2000 LLC.

   Year 2004, the company "ABS" LLC becomes distributor of all products manufactured by renowned manufacturer ABB, involving themselves in projects as a supplier of power equipment to the manufacturer.

   Year 2005, the company was involved in a project for outdoors environment protection - PET collection throughout territory of the Republic of Moldova, with their subsequent recycling. The machine used is from producers SEKON, Italy and AUSTROPRESSEN, Austria.

   In these years, the company has been in constant development and increasing production capacity and level of services and staff involved in developing all areas of the enterprise.